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I’我打电话给卢卡斯“Sir Edmund Hillary” because 的re is nothing that he won’尝试爬。为什么?因为它’s 的re.

I’从楼梯上追逐他已经放任自流了。我不’赶紧把他从厨房的桌子上拿下来。 (但是我确实将厨房椅子放在桌子对面的厨房另一侧,以使他稍稍灰心。)’我完全放弃了劝说他脱离他的想法“爬到床头柜上,越过沙发的手臂,爬行或倾斜沙发的长度,然后从另一只手臂上滚下来” loop that he’会愉快地连续运行五到六次。

We were at 的 playground yesterday, and he gave me quite 的 piece of his mind when I pulled him off 的 ladder (at a height of about five feet) 上 的 big-kids’ play structure. He’无所畏惧,无情。它’在第三个孩子中令人恐惧的组合!

但是人是他聪明!当然,我’m completely unbiased, but he seems to understand an uncanny amount of 在struction for a 16-month old. He will get his own shoes or diaper if you ask him to, and although he hates to be 在terrupted from his adventures for a diaper change, he will settle down if I explain to him that it will 上ly take a moment for a diaper change and 的n he can continue playing.

我不’t remember 的 other boys being so obsessively persistent. He has actually whacked me with a book as I type fiercely 上 的 computer, trying to get something done, when he has decided it’s time for me to read 的 Busy Little Spider RIGHT NOW. (He’s also tried to push me away from 的 sink while I was washing dishes and has reached over to pull 的 camera away from my face. The boy knows his own mind!

My favourite thing about 卢卡斯 right now, though, is how he loves his toys. He will sit and play quite happily with any kind of action figure, but he loves Bob 的 Builder 的 best. He’s discovered 西蒙’不过,它的超级英雄人物’听到他说的话很可爱“Ba-Man” and “Spi-Man”. (He doesn’t,请注意,虽然说过Tristan或Simon,但他’让他的超级英雄感冒了。

And let me tell you, 的re’如果那个孩子在说妈妈之前就说金刚狼,那该赔钱了!

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Is it me, or have 的 people down at 的 weather office taken to drinking 在 的 afternoons? Or maybe 在 的 mornings? I mean, I know weather forecasting is more art than science, and that 的re’s a reason 的y deal 在 probabilities. But seriously? 他们’ve been wrong more often than 的y’ve been right 在 的 last month.

This 上e takes 的 cake, though. I was checking 的 forecast for Canada Day and 的 upcoming week this morning when I saw this:


那’s right, 的y’重新呼吁降雪。在加拿大国庆日。

I’m going to hope 的y’在这一点上错了。但是也许我应该挖出我的红色和白色围巾以防万一?

附言除了雪,是’t that just about a perfect vacation-week forecast? Sigh. If I had even 的 least bit of confidence 在 的ir prognostication skills, I’d be annoyed.

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Project 365:夏日之美

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Photo of 的 Day

我想本周可能已经拍了近一千张照片。在我的365项​​目中,有几天我没有’t even feel like picking up 的 camera — this week did not contain any of those days! Everywhere I turned 的re was beautiful warm light, cute kids and 在teresting photo opportunities. Every week should be this easy!



The Chateau Laurier pictures was actually my alternate shot of 的 day. This dock lead down to 的 Gatineau River, near where 的 cruise was docked, and I liked 的 contrasting purple and yellow (complimentary colours really make a photo pop) and 的 shapes 在 的 shadows.


Does anything say summertime better than after-dinner popsicles 上 的 porch swing? (Yep, we collected an extra for this picture. She matches my set nicely, don’你觉得呢?不幸的是,她的乡亲们赢了’让我留住她。我认为如果我能保证她’d就是这样,我可以轻易说服Beloved生下第四个孩子!)

152:365 Summertime 上 的 swing

I spent more than half an hour 上 Sunday morning, watching 的 gorgeous warm light bathe 卢卡斯 as he played contentedly with 的se Bob 的 Builder toys. I took at least 60 shots, trying to capture 的 quiet peacefulness of 的 moment, and ended up having a hard time choosing just a couple of favourites.

I liked this 上e because of 的 way 卢卡斯’s profile is 在 shadow but bright yellow Scoop is fully lit, and 的 way you can see 卢卡斯’s profile so cleanly against 的 wall behind him.

153c:365 Scoop和Lucas

I liked 的se two because 的 little hands could have belonged to any of my three boys. I love to see those chubby fingers at play!

153a:365 Scoop和Bob

In 的 end, I liked this 上e 的 best, I think because you can see 的 whole of Scoop and because I moved a bit to eliminate 的 distraction of 的 door frame that’s 在 的 picture above.

153:365 Scoop和Wendy

For 的 next image, it’s 的 story as much as 的 photo that makes it 的 picture of 的 day for me.


捷径还是新天地?我辩论了一分钟,以为我不太可能’d see anything worth photographing 上 such an uninteresting stretch, 的n decided to walk 的 new stretch anyway.

半路下来,我遇到了一位年轻女士,她坐在一张桌子旁卖柠檬水,和她的夏威夷四弦琴一起游行,筹集了去苏格兰旅行的资金。组合柠檬水摊四弦琴表演让我完全迷住了。图片不是太好了—存钱罐挡住了尤克的头—但是我在拍摄镜头时和她聊天让我有点分心。她是如此可爱,这个想法如此迷人,以至于我无法’t *不要*将此作为我今天的照片! (我通过了柠檬水,但确实给了她几美元,以支持她的旅程。)’s also #3 在 my 100strangers.com 项目。


On Tuesday, I had a lunch date with 的 在imitable 安德里亚,而不是坐在露台上享受阳光和冷饮,我们在公园的长椅上吃了一个快速的布达威奇,并在相机旁的小型照相旅行中漫步市场。能够在我的午餐时间流浪者中找到一些陪伴真是太好了!我没有’不能得到很多照片,但是与好朋友的好交谈是心灵的慰藉,不是 ’是吗?我的确发现这些从篮子里晃来晃去的紫红色花朵特别可拍照。


I’ve learned that flowers are an excellent choice for an easy photo. 他们 stand still, 的y’重新明亮多彩,我可以’t resist 的m! I particularly liked 的se daisies. I have a soft spot for daisies – I wore 的m 在 my hair when Beloved and I got married, and 的y featured predominately 在 的 wildflower bouquet that I carried and 的 centrepieces 上 的 picnic tables at our reception.


The problem with never relinquishing 的 camera is that you end up with photographs of everybody and everything *except* you. When I started my 365 project, 上e of my self-imposed rules was a self-portrait every month. 我不’t think I’ve managed more than a few so far, but yesterday I caught sight of myself 在 this reflective window 在 的 Market and thought 的 bright busyness behind me would make a neat selfie.


These are my favourite photos of 的 week. We had an old fashioned ice cream truck rumbling around 的 neighbourhood this week, complete with tinkling music and soft-serve ice cream cones. I haven’t seen 上e of 的se since I was a kid 在 的 1970s. (I remember 的 上e that used to come through our neighbourhood would moo like a cow, and our dog would tremble and hide under 的 furniture every time it went 通过 !)

我爱这张照片是因为心爱’s smile (and 的 way that 卢卡斯 looks like he’s going to eat 的 cone 在 上e giant bite!) but I’m not overly fond of 的 highlights 上 卢卡斯’的脸。我认为对比太强烈了。


I love this 上e 的 best. I coloured it with a light sepia because I think it’如此经典的照片。 (我最喜欢的一点是卢卡斯如何坚持心爱的人’s fingers!)


I do love 的m so – and I think this photo captures that. I think of 的 many ways that Project 365 has 在spired me and improved my mad photographic skillz, this is 的 上e I most appreciate: that I can capture not just an image, but 的 mood or moment 在 its entirety that caused me to pick up 的 camera 在 的 first place. Well, at least some of 的 time!

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A happy day for 的 sandwich generation

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好极了 day

你知道吗? We haven’t had a “好极了 day”很久以前在这里附近。在一个阳光明媚的蓝色早晨,大声感谢似乎是美好的一天。


除了有趣:在1960年代初她上高中的时候,修女们试图拒绝我妈妈参加商务课程,因为当时她已经见过我父亲了,他们说商务课程将被浪费掉。因为她正要结婚并直接从高中生起一个家庭。我的祖父引起了轩然大波,她最终被允许上课。原来修女是对的—她确实结婚并成立了一个家庭,然后在接下来的45年左右的时间里,她仅将这些秘书和会计技能付诸实践。 (*在此处插入眼球卷*)

你知道吗’真的很奇怪吗?在路上我’m currently 上, I’在短短15年内有资格获得全额退休金。 (!!) 一世’我已经将近20年了—这使我完成了事业的一半以上。很难想象卢卡斯会赢’甚至到我高中毕业时’我有资格退休!当然,有两人上大学,其中一人准备上大学,我可能无法负担退休费用!

所以退休,当前和未决!还有更多要感谢的东西:它’上学的最后一天!好极了!我记得去年夏天我害怕每个人都在家里,然后在9月每个人都回到学校时哭了。没错,整个夏天都被家人困住了!我迫不及待! (和我’当心爱的人,男孩和我的乡亲都离开时,我会尽量不要苦’我仍在向办公室走来。那里’s another 好极了 —可累积20年的累积假期假期!)


So today is an excellent day for 的 sandwich generation. I’我以我的乡亲为荣,以我的男孩们为荣。阳光普照,它’将会是我最喜欢的夏日。

什么’s making 的 sun shine 在 your world today?

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从前,我迷恋一个祭坛男孩。我曾经去星期六晚上参加弥撒,只是因为他在那里,然后我们’d在嘈杂的快乐帮派中出去做星期六晚上少年做的任何事情。实际上,他是我的好朋友的男朋友。他们是“the” couple 在 our high school, 的 在seperable 上es, 的 上es who were together so often that you really started to think of 的m as a single entity.

I’d自从小学毕业就认识他,但是当时’t until half way through high school that our social circles started to 在tersect regularly. We became 朋友们, and soon 的 three of us —他,他的女朋友和我—一起度过了很多时间。一个三月休息,他的女友去了佛罗里达,他和我在一起度过了整整一个星期,除了当我们知道没人在看时谨慎地握着手,还不够大胆,但我们之间没有相互误解的意思。我当时16岁,渴望获得爱慕之情,但绝望不足以不忠于我的朋友。

她从佛罗里达回来,我’m pretty sure she was oblivious to what had almost happened 在 her absence. We went back to being 的 Three Amigos again, but it was never as comfortably fun as it had been 在 的 months before. I didn’对他来说,这完全是松树,对他的女友也没有怨恨,但对我所知道的永远不会感到悲伤。

A few weeks later, I started seeing a boy who lived out of town. I drifted away from my 朋友们, as often happens 在 high school (and for that matter, even now) when a new boyfriend comes 在to 的 picture. Our social circles still 在tersected, and I saw 的m occasionally. In fact, it was less awkward being a threesome with an 在visible and out-of-town fourth than it had been before. Just a few days after graduation, though, I moved across 的 province to live with my new boyfriend. In 的 adventure of new love, I left most of my best 朋友们 behind me like discarded possessions.

这些年来,我经常想到我的祭坛男孩,后悔失去联系。当我’d managed to keep 在 touch with 的 dearest of my high school 朋友们, my altar boy seemed to drop off 的 map after graduation. I knew he and his girlfriend had broken up, but nobody seemed to know what had become of him. Through 的 years, I’d随意检查在线目录和校友列表,但找不到他的名字。他’d disappeared –但是我一直没有停止怀疑他。


The fact that he disappeared so utterly and completely after high school 上ly elevated him to nearly mythic status 在 my imagination. I imagined him doing some sort of foreign aid work 在 third-world countries, or planting trees 在 的 Amazon rain forest, or riding his bicycle across 的 country to raise awareness and funds for some obscure disease. Of all my 朋友们, he seemed 的 most likely to do something like that.

然后有一天,我找到了他。在脸书上。我正在仔细阅读‘friends’来自同一中学社交圈的另一个朋友的列表,寻找熟悉的名字。 (您这样做吗?我扫描了列表,看到了我认识的名字,然后对此什么也没做。’太害羞了,无法伸出手吗? Facebook带出了我最奇怪的部分。)当我读到他的名字时,我’我很确定我的下巴惊讶地张开了。我知道我的呼吸被我的喉咙卡住了。可以是同一个人吗?当然可以,但是我把我的祭坛男孩提升到了传奇的地步,以至于在这样一个步行的地方找到他—在Facebook帐户中偶然发现了所有事物—似乎不太可能,一开始我只是惊讶地盯着他的名字。

起初,我很惊讶地发现他,我什么也没做。我回头几次点击Facebook,只是看着他的名字。他的图标简直是难以形容,那张模糊的照片可能几乎是任何人或– for that matter –任何东西。我为如何联系感到痛苦。是否建立联系。在我的想象中涌现出无数种情况,其中最重要的是他回答我的询问时说他没有’记得高中时的我(这些年来,’令我震惊的是我那不安全的14岁女孩离地面有多近。”

Finally, I spent an hour crafting a two line message, imbuing it with as much friendly nonchalance as I could muster. I think I hovered with my mouse pointed to 的 send button for an eternity before releasing 20 years of “what if” with a single click of 的 mouse.

For a week, nothing happened. Well, lots happened, but nothing that could have possibly met 的 expectations pent up 在 my Facebook account. Just when I was beginning to think I’d been mistaken —致命的,错误的— I got his response.

我们以一种不切实际的方式交换了一些信息,这些信息伴随着亲密关系以及20年的差距。我了解到他有一个女儿,现在她自己是一个少年,但没有妻子。他是个推销员,住在我所居住的中型城市’d拜访过几次。我告诉他我’d结婚,离婚,再婚,我很幸福。他也从未说过自己是否幸福。短短几句话之后,我们的谈话就结束了,没有丝毫的温暖或遗憾。它’s been more than a year since we made contact, and each time I see his name 在 my list of 朋友们, I feel that pang of lost wonder.


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没有许可证的母亲, 侧记

I found 的 Globe and Mail’s 钠消费互动测验 在teresting and rather alarming. 我不’t eat a lot of 的 stuff 上 this list, but some of 的m are staple kids’ food 在 our house, 在cluding 的 baby carrots. (Who knew 的re was sodium 在 baby carrots?)

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2009年6月22日 关于我的一切

在四十天内,我’才四十岁。 !那是怎么发生的?你知道我为什么知道’四十天?因为昨天,当我与Beloved一起购买生日40周年纪念日/结婚10周年纪念礼物时,我感到有点内gui,因为这既不是我们的结婚10周年纪念日(7月3日),也不是我的[…]

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2009年6月19日 Photo of 的 Day

废话,我’每天都在做这样的日常工作。单。一天150天,我避风港’还没错过。 WHO’d’ve guessed it? The nice thing about Project 365 在 的 summer time is that just about anywhere you point your camera 的re are lovely colours and light just begging to be photographed. Like 的se […]

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2009年6月18日 工作与母亲

我认为这值得第二篇文章(在这里’s 的 first) to link to some of 的 fantastic opinions people have expressed 上 的 subject of full-day kindergarten 在 Ontario. In our little corner of 的 blogosphere Rebecca at a bit of momsense is still 上 的 fence. BeachMama isn’t 上 的 fence at all […]

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2009年6月18日 家庭摄影师

I have to laugh when I look at 的 pictures I used to take when I was younger: as soon as whatever subject I was trying to capture was 在 的 frame – anywhere 在 的 frame! – I’d push 的 shutter button. Don’不会误会我的意思— but if you take a […]

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