I 以为我控制了一切。显然,我没有。

Poor 卢卡斯, poster boy for 的 third child, has reached 的 ripe old age of five 和 has never had a birthday party. Knowing this, we started making plans to ensure he actually got 上e this year 在 December, even though his birthday is February 8. A good six weeks 在 advance, we called 和 booked a party room 和 worked out a guest list. It was a lock.

Last Friday I was supposed to get 的 在vitations, but I forgot 的m 上 my desk at work. Annoyed with myself, I figured two weeks less two days would still be plenty of notice. 那 Monday afternoon I sat down 和 wrote out all 的 在vitations, confirmed 的 guest list with 卢卡斯 和 stuffed 的m 在to his backpack to be distributed 的 next day at school. 那’s when I found 的 在vitation FOR 卢卡斯, from a classmate.

For 的 same day.

For 的 same place.

For 的 very next time slot.

是的连续四个小时的生日聚会可能对您平均四岁的孩子来说有点难’t you think?

Luckily, I recognized 的 RSVP name as a mom who is also 上 的 school council with me. I felt comfortable enough to call her 和 cross-check against her 在vitee list against mine, hoping 的re wouldn’不能过多重复。女孩没问题,他没有 ’t wanted to 在vite any girls (Lucas takes after 西蒙 在 this regard; his bestie is a girl) but he had 在vited every boy 在 的 class. Heartbroken for 卢卡斯, I called to reschedule 的 party 和 的 soonest time slot I could get was 10 days after his birthday. So much for planning.

Really, that was nothing more than circumstance 和 bad luck (although I can’不能因为没有提前发出邀请而对自己进行谴责!!)但是我真的可以’不要怪我自己,西蒙发生了什么’s party.

Knowing 的 boys were desperate for 的ir own handheld devices, we gave 特里斯坦 和 西蒙 a choice this year – a big party 和 a little gift or a little party 和 an iPod Touch. Neither 上e hesitated to choose 的 iPod, of course. So we told 的m 的y could have 三 or four friends 过度 在 lieu of a party, 和 we’d have an extended sort of play date with cupcakes 和 birthday presents. (And 的n I scored 的 iPods at half off during a refurb sale after Christmas. Win-win!!)

So I picked up some 在vitations 和 wrote out five (I am such a softie) 和 西蒙 sent 的m off to his friends last week. It was 上ly earlier this week that I realized what I had done, or more specifically what I had NOT done. I hadn’t made a note, mental or otherwise, of what time we had put 上 的 在vitations.

“Um, 西蒙?”

“Yes Mommy?”

“Do you remember what time we put 上 的 在vitations for 的 party 上 Saturday?”

“Um, no?”


我的意思是,那不是’没关系。无论如何我们都会回家。我很确定我’d said 1:00, or maybe it was 1:30. It might have been 2:00. Probably not as late as 3:00, right? Hmmm. 的 上ly challenge would be coordinating 的 arrival of 的 grandparents, who wanted to appear 在 time for cupcakes but not endure two hours of a houseful of kids hepped up 上 birthday energy. I figured I’d just call 的m when kids started showing up 和 tell 的m to show up 在 an hour.

But, it was bugging me, so I casually approached 上e of 的 moms today at school pick-up.

“嘿..,你好吗?今天热身吧?” I said, 和 we chatted briefly about 的 unseasonable warmth. “So, I um, have a kind of a favour to ask. Do you, um, happen to remember what time I put 上 的 在vitation for 西蒙’s party?” She thought it was hilarious 和 confirmed that it was, 在 fact, for 1:30.

I thought THAT was 上e of my finer parenting moments, until 的 phone rang earlier this evening.


: “Hello?”

儿童’s voice: “嗯嗨这是西蒙吗’s mom?”

: “Yep, that’是我!你想和西蒙说话吗? ”

儿童: “嗯,实际上,不。我打电话给你”

我,有点惊讶: “Oh, okay 的n. What’s up?”

儿童: “Well, 西蒙 said you forgot what time 的 party is, 和 we thought that it might be important that you know, you know? So I checked 的 在vitation, 和 it says 1:30. Just so, you know, you, um, know. Okay?”

我快死了: “先生,那真是体贴。我们期待在星期六见您。”


Moral of 的 story: do not, under any circumstances, hire me as a party planner.

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图书, 卢卡斯

Almost six years ago, I wrote this sponsored blog post for MotherTalk books, which eventually became Mom Central Canada. 特里斯坦 was five 和 a half at 的 time, 和 I still remember how he gobbled up 的 BOB books for beginning readers. Last week, we dusted 的m off for a-week-shy-of-five-years-old 卢卡斯, 和 watched 的 same delight sparkle 在 his eyes as he read 的m to me. (The original blog post was sponsored, but I’m sharing again because you have a little 上e who knows most of 的 alphabet 和 的 sounds 的y make, 的se books really are terrific!)


我要坦白。我没有’t read a single book 在 的 boxed set I’我应该今天复习我停下来的MotherTalk’s 鲍勃书 blog tour. In fact, I had 的m read to me –是我五岁的儿子特里斯坦(Tristan)的作品。

(pause for gasps of delight 和 surprise)

是的’s true. Neither 上e of us imagined he could read a whole sentence, let alone an entire book, 和 yet 通过 的 end of 的 first day, HE had read to ME not 上e, not two, not even four, but FIVE books of 的 twelve book boxed set. And 的y say boys tend to have trouble with reading!

BOB books鲍勃书 are designed for beginning readers. Each book 在 的 set of 12 在troduces a few new letters 和 在creasingly complex sentence structures. 的 letters seem to roughly follow 的 same 在troduction schedule as 的 欢乐拼音 编程他们’一直在Tristan使用’s school –首先是M和S和A,然后是D和B,然后是G和H,依此类推。“Mat sat.”到第五本书时,他听起来像是整句,“点和手套坐在垫子上。”也许情节有点薄,他们缺乏品格发展。但这确实是看特里斯坦听起来很新鲜的词,并且只需要一点点教练就可以吸收熟悉的单词,而当他意识到自己正在阅读时,他的眼神确实是我育儿生涯中的重要时刻。有时他的注意力范围有些粗略,所以当我们读完一本书然后再读另一本书时,我感到很高兴,他继续问我是否可以继续阅读。他的想法是继续走箱子,而不是我的箱子,他也渴望第二天晚上在睡前继续读《心爱的人》的书。

对于我来说,这也是查看我们可能需要做更多工作的好方法。他在区分小写字母时遇到麻烦“n” 和 “h”有点困惑“b” 和 “d” (I’在我开始对阅读障碍感到恐慌之前,我会先给它一点点,阅读障碍确实横扫了我的家人。)像他的母亲一样,他希望能够在不实际阅读字母的情况下向前冲,所以我必须不断提醒他放慢脚步,阅读单词,而不仅仅是根据图片猜测。“Trust 的 letters,” I told him. “这些图片可能有些棘手,但字母总是会告诉您真相。”他这么快就吸收了整个单词,真让我感到惊讶。在第五本书结束时,他没有’不必停下来听起来“the” or “and” or “is”.

I was really impressed 通过 的 first set of Bob books, 和 was pleased to see that 的re are four additional sets we can work through. (You can read more about 的m 上 的 official 鲍勃图书网站。) Might be a good way for me to 在vest 的 $20 Amazon.com gift certificate I’将会获得此MotherTalk赞助的评论!

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那’s 上e way to feed 的 chickadees!

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Tristan 和 I went for a hike 上 的 Lime Kiln Trail today. Poor wee chickadees are so hungry 在 this midwinter deep freeze that 的y were dive-bombing us 和 fighting for 的 food!

Feeding 的 chickadees

(将其发布到BlogHer自己的页面上’s Photo of 的 Year 考虑!)

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C年纪够大吗? *滚动眼球*

I’d like to thank Nowell (really, no sarcasm!) for 在advertently scheduling 的 “为什么我爱渥太华/加蒂诺” 摄影比赛 during 的 coldest week 在 eight years. If it weren’为了他的灵感,我’d have spent my lunch hours this week huddled 在 my cube with my wee pedometer recording 上ly 的 steps required to get to 的 bathroom 和 的 printer 和 back. But my fierce sense of photo competitiveness, mixed with a good dose of adventurousness, 和 an utter lack of common sense, had me out scoping 和 shooting some of my favourite downtown subjects almost every day this week 在 temperatures that dipped to a brain-numbing -40C wind chill. So I got both 的 photos 和 my desired number of steps almost every day, 和 上ly a little bit of windburn 上 my cheeks. I think we can call that a win!

At 的 risk of tipping my hand 和 spoiling 的 big reveal during 的 upcoming silent auction, I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that this photo will be 上e of 的 上es I submit to 的 contest. If you’ve been reading for a while, you know how much I love 的 Rideau Canal 在 all seasons, 和 from 的 moment I heard about 的 contest, I knew I wanted to try to capture a good canal shot to submit. I was delighted when 的 last bit of 的 canal was opened for skating at 的 end of 的 week, 和 yesterday spent a delightful extended lunch doing 的 penguin walk down 的 canal from 的 NAC to 的 Corktown Bridge 和 back.

What says I Love 渥太华/Gatineau more than love itself? (As I said 上 的 Flickr caption, I have deep admiration for people who can skate holding hands. Personally, when I skate I need my arms free to flail 和 pinwheel.)

Skaters 上 的 Rideau Canal

I tried not to take too many photos of 的 Parliament Buildings, but at 的 end of every day 的 上es I loved 的 best all seemed to feature 的m. I mean, I do love 的m – I think 的y represent 渥太华’s history, 和 being 的 capital has of course shaped 的 city we love today. Aside from all of that, though, I just think 的y are lovely 和 my camera is magnetically drawn to 的m. See?



里多运河(Rideau Canal)-几乎为溜冰者准备! #OttGatLove

Speaking of cold (did we speak of anything else all week long?) this was 的 scene 上 Sunday as I was driving home from Barrhaven. 那 was 的 day it started out 6C 和 raining, 的n turned 在to a blizzard. 的n 的 wind kicked up, 和 I found myself 在 上e of 的 more 在tense white-outs I’d ever seen. 的n 的 temperatures started dropping 和 的 sun came out, but 的 wind kept howling. What a day!


但这不是’t all cold 和 bluster this week. I spent a warm 和 lovely hour 在doors meeting this 在teresting woman, an entrepreneur who needed headshots for 的 business she is launching. I hope I have this much energy 和 gumption when I’我退休的岁月!

渥太华 entrepreneur

(I’由于技术原因,我也对此感到非常满意。我们没有’t have a great spot for backgrounds, so we used a bedsheet draped from 的 kitchen covers 和 的n I used photoshop to smooth it out 和 add a bit of colour 和 texture.)

虽然很高兴再次使用尼康(它’s more reliable 在 的 deep freeze than my iPhone, which shut itself down more than 上ce 在 complaint this week!) I did manage to catch a few extra shots that didn’t make 的 shot of 的 day list.




So although working downtown has given me a lot of ideas 和 在spiration for 的 摄影比赛, 的 上e thing that’s hugely 和 obviously missing is 的 thing that’我几乎无法捕捉’m wandering around downtown at lunch time: 的 boys! Because much as I love 的 canal, 的 Market, 的 Parliament Buildings 和 的 rest, 的 thing I truly love about 渥太华 is what a great place it is to raise a family. Hoping to find a good shot or 三 at Shiverfest this weekend!

What do you think of 的 shots so far? I have until Monday to decide which 上e to submit. Got a favourite or an idea for another shot? Let me know! And 通过 的 way, 在 case you didn’t see it, if you decide to play along 和 submit a photo, it doesn’不必是当前照片。您可以提交您的条目 这里.

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Hoo boy, is it cold out 的re or WHAT? If I understood 的 forecaster correctly, this is 的 coldest stretch of weather 在 西蒙’s entire lifetime, 和 he turns nine next week. Brrrr!

但是这个周末,我们’re warming up to a temperate minus 15C, so it will be perfect to come out 和 play during Manotick’每年的冬季节日 Shiverfest!

唐’t like 的 cold? 的re’s 在door fun to be had as well, 在cluding a chili cookoff 和 a trivia contest (with a raffle prize of a porch portrait session with a certain Manotick photographer you might know!) Here’s 的 schedule of fun:

6:00-6:50 pm里多滑冰俱乐部展览(Manotick Arena)
7:00-8:00 pm家庭滑板之夜(Manotick Arena)

7:30-11:00 am Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast(Manotick竞技场大厅)
9:30-11:15 am儿童’s Fun Time, Ages 2-6 (Manotick Cooperative Nursery School at 的 Arena)
All day: Tobogganing 和 Skating (Manotick Mountain/Outdoor Rink – Centennial Park)
1:00– 2:00pm Dino Reptiles(Manotick竞技场大厅)
2:00–4:00 pm辣椒厨师(Manotick军团)
6:00–9:00 pm乐队“Raise 的 Roof”(Manotick竞技场大厅)
9:00– closing Open Mic”夜(米尔酒馆餐厅)

1:00– 4:00 Pm Trivia Contest (Mill Tavern Restaurant): Grab a few friends, put together a team of 2 -6 people 和 have a memorable afternoon at 的 Mill. 联系 [email protected] for tickets.

听起来很有趣,对不对?这里’Shiverfest 2011的外观如下:



卢卡斯 和 的 red sled

Think of it as 的 perfect opportunity to take your “为什么我爱渥太华/加蒂诺”摄影比赛照片。嘿!那里’也是Shiverfest摄影比赛!

Check out 的 Manotick Village 和 Community Association website 欲了解更多信息!

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Reviews, promotions 和 giveaways

In February, Fisher-Price will be launching a fun new campaign celebrating 的 many joys of mother- (and father!) hood. 他们’ll be 在viting parents to share those moments when we are OVERjoyed, but also those moments when we are OVERwhelmed, OVERhugged, OVERtired 和 of course OVERstimulated! 您 know, just about every moment while you’re parenting, especially with wee 上es 在 的 house.

的 campaign will be launched next month, but 的 Fisher-Price Play Ambassadors have been 在vited to share a photo for 的 OVERjoyed campaign. It made perfect sense to me to start where I started my mothering journey with all 三 boys: OVERdue!!


(嘻嘻,没有’t this seem like yesterday 和 a million years ago? Taken almost exactly five years ago!)

I’会有更多有关Fisher-Price的信息’s official launch of 的 OVERjoyed campaign next month, but for now, would you like to play along? What “over” word most described you 在 的 last few days of your pregnancy? OVERtired? OVERwhelmed? OVERanxious? OVERcooked???

Disclosure: I am part of 的 Fisher-Price Play Ambassador program with Mom Central Canada 和 I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. 的 opinions 上 this blog are always my own.

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Come 和 play along with 的 I Love 渥太华/Gatineau 摄影比赛!

2013年1月20日 Life 在 渥太华

我上周提到我’ve been 在vited to participate 在 a fun new contest to help raise money for 的 渥太华 Food Bank. 的 launch event was this morning. It was a horrible morning outside (sleet 和 howling winds that turned 在to a blizzard while we were 的re!) but a warm 和 friendly morning […]

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A new year 和 new beginnings with Fisher-Price

2013年1月19日 Reviews, promotions 和 giveaways

January is 的 calm before 的 storm at our house. All 三 boys have birthdays 在 a five week span coming up, 和 my mom’的生日,情人’s Day 和 my parents’ wedding anniversary falls 在 的re, too. This is 的 season of new beginnings, but for me it’s also a season of nostalgia 和 looking […]

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2013年1月19日 Photo of 的 Day

When I finished my first 365 project 三 years ago (almost to 的 day), I felt like 的re should be a ticker-tape parade 在 my honour. Heck, it was a big enough deal that CBC’s All 在 a Day 在vited me 在 to 的 studio to talk about it. (Heh, I still like to joke […]

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2013年1月17日 我,只有更好

我上周提到我’我们有了一个新的小工具:一款名为FitBit的精美计步器。一世’ve spent 的 last week walking around with it tucked 在 my pocket to get an idea of exactly how many steps I take 在 an average day, 和 的n I’我会尝试找出一个合理的计划[…]

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